Exhaust Repair

Whether you need a tune-up, simple exhaust repair, or complete replacement the technicians at Exhaust Pros in Bemidji have the experience that you need to keep your vehicle running properly. You can trust this locally owned and operated business to provide you with the best maintenance services for your foreign or domestic car, truck, or SUV.

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The signs and dangers of a bad exhaust system

Not sure if your vehicle needs an exhaust repair? Here are a few signs to look for and the reasons why you should not ignore an exhaust problem. It’s not just about noise – it’s about reliable performance and protecting your health.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If your car’s exhaust is leaking badly enough, or in the right place, it’s very possible that carbon monoxide will enter your car. If the windows are rolled up, this can actually be lethal. Even with the windows down, it can make you feel very sick.

Low Fuel Economy

Your engine needs a working exhaust system to perform correctly. If your exhaust is leaking or otherwise damaged, you will experience reduced gas mileage.

Poor Performance

Exhaust system back-pressure is necessary for your engine to run right. If there’s a significant leak in the system somewhere, it reduces backpressure, and can negatively affect your engine’s performance. You might experience spitting and sputtering, a lack of power, or even stalling in a worst-case scenario.

Check Engine Light

If your exhaust system isn’t up to snuff, you can bet that your Check Engine Light will come on and stay on. While that might not be cause for concern right away, it means that you won’t be notified if something else goes wrong.